With excellent velocity we reached the final day of our experience to New York. As we already knew, it could with the aid of way of no means be doubtless to see everything we needed but we nonetheless had many plans for this day. The experience was tiring, however it was a weariness we simply forgot as a result of all of the magic we've been seeing.

Our days have been being complete and we felt that the programmed days allowed us to utilize life within the city. Of course, simply due to the fact it was a household trip, we ended up no longer truly getting to understand New York's nightlife, which ought to be fabulous, but throughout the day we tried to utilize it.

Madison Square Garden

This complicated is world-renowned for its memorable musical performances, as nicely as being the "home" of 4 of the city's skilled teams, adding the New York Knicks (NBA), the New York Rangers (NHL Ice Hockey Team) the New York Liberty (WNBA) and the New York Titans (NLL lacrosse team).

Unfortunately we didn't be able (for monetary reasons) to observe any present on this legendary room, but we didn't desire to overlook the danger to stroll round and see its exterior.

As the outdoors isn't extraordinary, we depart right the following a delicious video of a live performance of the LCD Soundsystem on this room, to see how different it is.

Madison Square Park

Then we took a brief stroll to Madison Square Park. When we speak about parks in New York, we all of the time assume of Central Park, that is truly fabulous. But Madison Square Park became out to be a pretty surprise. In the midst of the tall homes of New York and the bustle of its streets, it's an top region to rest, to seem to be at nature and, of course, the squirrels, as we've also discovered them here. It is a lawn filled with timber and truly nicely cared for, frequented with the aid of way of equally locals and tourists, and in addition with the aid of way of many dogs, simply due to the fact there may be a Dog Park there.

In addition to this oasis in mid-Manhattan, within the event you're in search of a area to eat, we can't overlook that there's a Shake Shack on this park, which we beloved while we went on our moment day in New York (see HERE).

Lego Store

The past day we had visited the Lego Store of Rockefeller Center (you can see HERE our go to to the store) but while we've been strolling toward the Flatiron Building, we had the sensible marvel of discovering a brand new one Lego shop, which we needed to visit, anything that can't fail in a household trip.

This shop was no longer as outstanding simply considering the fact that of the fact the only on the Rockefeller Center, possibly simply considering the fact that of the fact it's the moment one to be visited and the want to go to it at first was enormous. But here is a really wide shop too and simply considering the fact that of the fact it was no longer so crowded, it allowed us to play with laos in a extra relaxed method and have a high-quality time.

Flatiron Building

Our subsequent step was to see the Flatiron Building, which was proper subsequent to the Lego Store. This was considered one of the primary skyscrapers within the metropolis and its identify is as a result of its shape, which resembles an iron ironing board. 

It's no longer allowed to go to its inside but it's properly value the stroll subsequent to it, simply considering the fact that of the fact it's considered one of the distinctive photos of New York. It can be high-quality for taking your photos, we simply want for sensible luck to get you carried out with out having of us to move in entrance of you.


Although we've been capable to stroll all of the way, simply considering the fact that of the fact the distance was nonetheless great, we took the subway to Canal St to Chinatown. Before we seek advice from Chinatown, only a phrase concerning the Metro in New York, This is an trip you must do, even although we've already traveled by way of way of metro in a few countries round the international but strolling in New York is different. It is hard to explain, we are in a position to guarantee that we all of the time really sense very secure and that we strongly suggest this trip but it's hard to lay into words, we simply say the vintage Just Do It.

Another distinctive trip is getting into Chinatown. Here it appears that he entered one other world, in one other country. You will input the heart of a big confusion, wherein within the primary moments you'll really sense invaded by way of way of distinctive sound stimuli, visual, olfactory ... Many of us love it, others hate it. It is right that you'll discover a really disorganized place, even grimy however the reality is that we beloved it, and the vast supply of restaurants led us quickly to appear for the position to have lunch, unnecessary to say, in a cafe of Chinese food. It can be likely to discover different gastronomic offerings, incidentally, even a McDonald's exists there, with Chinese characters.

But we went after the Chinese meal and we cherished it. Prices very good, dishes immense and filled with flavor, we cherished it. After lunch, we got misplaced within the streets, the place you could possibly even additionally just discover masses of little retailers that promote everything you possibly can imagine. If you desire to purchase counterfeit items from noted brands, right the following is your place.

Little Italy

After our go to by way of Chinatown we walked toward Little Italy. Here we had been somewhat disillusioned. It is correct that the streets are extra pretty than Chinatown but, Little Italy appears to be being invaded by Chinatown and, apart from beautiful, properly decorated streets and a few restaurants, the journey ends quickly.

As we had been no longer going to consume there simply due to the fact we already had lunch, the tour was quick and we soon headed to Soho, that's a quick stroll away.

 SoHo, Greenwich Village and Chelsea

Then we took a stroll by way of SoHo, Greenwich Village and Chelsea as we headed for High Line Park. This tour, of about 2 kms we take to understand the place the New Yorkers reside and, exhibits how the metropolis managed to modernize and restructure, retaining its antique charm. These neighborhoods have been subjected to big architectural regeneration, which makes it right for dwelling or, in our case, to stroll by way of it.

It is on this edge of ​​the metropolis that a couple of artists have lofts, and we discover a couple of art galleries, which blend with type retailers of world corporations and endless restaurants for all budgets, the place the desire to input is enormous. This is an edge of ​​the metropolis that, in contrast to others, permits us to have a photo of what it be desire to reside in New York.

High Line Park

This is certainly one of New York's latest parks however it surely be already an photo of the metropolis and it be right within the city. The concept itself might appear unusual but, it effects in perfection. The concept was to build, in an antique railway line, a park that stretches alongside a couple of streets of the metropolis and, truthfully, it was beautiful.

This park is suspended within the air and, alongside its route, you'll be ready to get pleasure from the art centers round it, the assorted stalls, small markets and sales, get pleasure from the tremendous view by the heart of Manhattan and, once you desire to sit could have a lot of banks for this purpose.

This park is based in an facet that stretches from Gansevoort Street within the Meatpacking District to West 30th Street among 10th and 11th avenues, as you'll be ready to see proper the following on Google Maps.

Intrepid Sea, Air & Space Museum

Well, this was an situation that left us just a little sad but we have been already telling it to be tough to achieve. Neither people had ever been capable to see an Aircraft Carrier intently and we needed to go to the Intrepid Sea, Air & Space Museum. But we also knew that it might be very tough to have time in this final day to do it, and we have been already ready for the impossibility of visiting it, now not least simply due to the fact the museum closes at 5pm. But one in every of the causes we didn't prioritize this go to was simply due to the fact we had different plans for the subsequent step of our trip, specifically in Washington, which we are in a position to speak about quickly on our blog.

For it was close to the closing hour that we arrived. The Museum is proper subsequent to the Hudson River and we made it about 2 kms stroll to the Museum (good factor we took the stroller, our salvation) and, though tired, we have been glad to have executed it, simply due to the fact we beloved it see the Intrepid, even when in simple terms on its outside.

For these who can see the museum as a whole, understand that except realizing the Aircraft Carrier, you'll be ready to nonetheless see the arena shuttle Enterprise, the prototype utilized by NASA, as properly simply due to the fact the Growler submarine.

To higher plan your visit, click on HERE at the official web site of the museum, the place you'll be ready to see their schedules and prices.

After this visit, we made the stroll to our hotel, having sold at the method a pizza to devour in our room. The relaxation of the evening time was dedicated to relaxation and pack, for tomorrow we might pass to the subsequent level of our household experience in America, Washington.
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