Sit How to get from Krabi Airport to Ao Nang - Tips for a family travel

Something we at all times attempt to accomplish earlier than we journey to a brand new location is to examine the finest method of reaching our destination. Those who, like us, journey with children, realize that when a airplane trip, there's nothing worse than losing time in search of the finest possibility to attain our last destination. 

We truly trust that, whilst we examine what it takes to get to our destination at residence earlier than we travel, it saves treasured time, chopping the tiredness of adults and children, and has also the huge advantage of permitting to retailer funds and keep away from falling into a few "traps" that would possibly make our arrival much less pleasant.

That being said, whilst we traveled from Bangkok to Krabi Airport, this didn't imply that we had arrived at our destination which was with the aid of means of Ao Nang seashore (you can see right right here why we selected to dwell in Ao Nang especially than in Krabi or Railay beach).


As the distance among Krabi Airport and Ao Nang is ready 25 Kms (just over 30 minutes with the aid of means of car), we needed to do a examine on what ideal us finest to make this journey and we got here throughout 3 fundamental options, specifically Shuttle Bus, Taxis, and Online Transfers Reservation

Shuttle Bus
When you arrive at Krabi Airport, and also you truly sense misplaced simply due to the fact you don´t realize how one can get in your destination, don't worry, you gets much of offers, that can literally come after you.

One of the gives which you simply gets it's going to be the Shuttle Bus carrier to Ao Nang, at a rate per user of 150 BAHT (prices of 2018).

Believe me, even in case you happen to don't ought to pass to Ao Nang, and desire one other destination, or now not it's very usually to be approached to invite about your destination with the aid of means of locals that can ask in case you happen to desire to make use of this imply of transport.

That is a actually widespread method of having to Ao Nang from Krabi Airport and, or now not it's secure and it might be a huge and low-cost option.

Also whilst you arrive on the airport, you've the possibility to take the taxi, which perhaps will even technique you whilst you arrive on the airport.
If here's your option, you'll should switch to the airport exit, and to your right, there may be a parking lot the position a adult will ask you to wait, then he'll use a radio to name a taxi to take you to your destination. In our web search, we discovered of us speaking about costs among 500 and 600 Baht, that can take as much as four of us within the taxi. We paid 500 Baht, 2018 prices.

Online Transfers Reservation
If you seek the internet, you'll be capable to discover a vast supply of transfers which will take you from the airport to your destination. When making your reservation, you may mark your time of arrival on the airport, making reference to your flight number, as nicely as make the reservation on your return.

You will discover a quality difference among prices, being a few extra sexy than others, so we propose you to seek the advice of extra than one company. However, we ought to not discover any on with extra sexy costs than the taxis and the Shuttle Bus.

Our choice
As you may honestly see with the aid of means of the identify of our blog, we all the time made our household journeys with our son so our journey may be for 3. In this way, one in every of the standards of choice, the price, does not depend for our decision, on account that the difference among 3 Shuttle Bus tickets (450 Baht) and Taxi (500 Baht) may be minimal, much not up to 2 money or 1.5 euros.

Given the small economic difference and, given the alleviation issue, our alternative was the taxi. The journey was fast and comfortable, much not up to 40 minutes and it accomplished immediately backyard our hotel, which may be very convenient.

As for the Shuttle Bus, it would possibly be a quality alternative when or not it's miles a solo traveler or NULL (three already make up for the taxi, in our opinion). Although they're leaving the airport very regularly, it's possible you'll should wait a whereas earlier than extra passengers arrive, and in case your lodge isn't one in every of the primary to sell off passengers, it will growth journey time. As said above, those are often not vast drawbacks and, if the economic financial savings are large, can compensate for the longer journey time. In the case of 3 or four passengers, I assume Shuttle Bus isn't any longer the finest option.

Regarding the Shuttle Bus, in our searches on the web we collected very nice evaluations but, also a few references to instances the position the car went to the metropolis of Krabi ,and then it was imperative to make the switch to one other car that was heading to Ao Nang Beach, which grew to become out to be annoying and made the journey extra time consuming. As we haven’t opted for this mode of transportation, we can't provide our journey but or not it's all the time vital news to be shared and we propose you to invite the driver for the route he can be taking to your destination.

The third option, the on-line Transfers booking, as we said earlier, we discovered the charge because the principal disadvantage, on account that it was enhanced to different hypotheses. 

However, it will all the time be nice to do a seek on the web earlier than your departure and, in teams of 5 or extra people, may also be an economically extra high-quality option.

As for the return from Ao Nang to Krabi Airport, in case your possibility was to ebook your switch online, here's an concern which you just won't should fear about. If you've got selected to make your journey with the aid of means of Shuttle Bus or Taxi, you'll honestly discover dozens of vacationer businesses that supply this carrier in Ao Nang, typically all for the similar price, 150 Baths per user in Shuttle Bus and 500 Baht with the aid of means of taxi (2018 prices).

Just schedule with the manufacturer and set the time and vicinity you desire to be picked up. Nothing extra easy and delicate and our family, as on the primary trip, back to Krabi Airport with the aid of means of taxi.

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