mess Krabi (Ao Nang) or Phuket? What is the best destination for a family trip?

Our household journey to Thailand began in Bangkok, which we viewed the right approach to soar your journey in Thailand (you can see our itinerary in Bangkok here) but, just like the big majority of of us visiting Thailand, we also needed to go to and get to recognise a few of in all probability possibly the foremost noted seashores within the world, rather the Phi Phi Islands and the international noted Maya May.

That being the case, and after reading the other chances a bit, we have been left with the identical doubt that many of us reside whilst visiting this facet of Thailand: the position to make our base to discover the other seashores Phuket or Krabi (more namely Ao Nang)?

Both recommendations appear best whilst you examine equally destinations and, that was a actually hard determination to make, because it perhaps might be for you. In this way, we desire that by means of means of speaking about our determination and the causes for our choice, assist you make your determination to. Before we speak about our choice, allow us simply speak slightly about equally destinations.

Phuket is perhaps in all probability possibly the foremost noted position for tourists to this facet of Thailand. It has a big supply of lodges and hostels, restaurants, many excursions recommendations and other sports for adults and children, as properly as a best supply of flights at very low prices, from much of other airports.

The nightlife in Phuket can be international noted and is certainly one of the huge causes for thus many vacationers to go to this huge island.

The much less sure issues we notice on-line were, according to our research, that though there are pretty beaches, they're typically very crowded. The much less crowded seashores are always clear of the hotels, which forces extra trips.

Another of the much less sure issues is that there are rising stories of the increase of sex industry, and for these people who desire to move on a household trip, prostitution and ladyboys aren't the situations we wanted.

We also conducted a survey and discovered that the costs charged by means of means of other touristic firms for the typical tours, adding the noted Phi Phi Islands, have a tendency to be extra dear in Phuket than in Krabi.

Krabi isn't removed from Phuket (just over 2 hours by means of means of car) and there's the danger of catching a ferry connecting Phuket and Ao Nang (you can notice out extra news about prices, schedules and purchase tickets on-line here). 

Although we're referring to Krabi, we didn't truly reside within the city, though we pretty suggest you to go to it, especially its markets. We decided to reside in Ao Nang beach, as it's a spot also with plenty of provide on the lodging level, for very low-priced costs and with a couple of provides of restaurants and touristic companies.

Maybe no longer so a lot as Phuket, but there are plenty of choices to do sports together with your kids and, of course, the danger to go to tremendous beaches, the important cause for the celebrity of this part of Thailand. At nightlife level, its provide isn't as diverse as Phuket too.

Final choice
Well, our chance was no longer easy, simply because it's going to no longer be yours if, like us, you're making an attempt to choose your base for exploring these tremendous beaches.

Of course, this alternative will all the time be linked to what you desire to accomplish and on your journey goals. For example, within the event you're seeking marvelous lodges and nightlife, Phuket is possibly your greatest bet.

However, for a household journey like, as was our case, we selected to reside in Krabi or, extra specifically, Ao Nang, proper through the beach.

And the causes that led us to this alternative are simple. The first the price. On the flights level, we didn't discover significant modifications in journey to Krabi or to Phuket. On genuine dates, even the Phuket alternative was somewhat cheaper, which could possibly now not all the time happen, because the supply is upper for Phuket but, however, we didn't be aware any significant difference. Where we observed the greatest modifications have been within the lodge and excursions prices, the position equally instances in Krabi (Ao Nang) have been cheaper.

Then there have been different points that in our case helped us to make that decision, adding the situation of safety and prostitution, the position we concept it could be greatest for a household journey to reside in Krabi, particularly Ao Nang beach.

After making the journey and, of course, with out figuring out Phuket we will say that we felt we had made a nice choice. Having stayed through Ao Nang seaside was a first-class option. We got tremendous costs for the hotel, first-class high caliber and, across our stay, we all the time get nice food at nice prices, given that we're in a vacationer spot. You can see our 4 days itinerary in Ao Nang through clicking here. 

Although, as we mentioned, being a vacationer spot, we through no means felt crowded, and we have been capable to utilize our holidays safely, with fun and with a large alternative of sports to do.

Something that we can't fail to level out is that staying in Krabi or Phuket you can also additionally just all the time have the threat to go to the Phi Phi Islands and the global noted Maya Bay. You will possibly even get decrease costs within the event you depart from Ao Nang (Krabi). But don't neglect that, across the low season in Thailand (June, July, and August), this seaside is closed to tourism to get better from the environmental smash prompted as a consequence of the vast inflow of vacationers that have taken region considering the fact that it was filmed the Beach movie, with Leonardo Dicaprio.

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