known Krabi Town, Ao Nang or Railay? What is the best place to stay?

We began our journey to Thailand with a 3 nights remain in Bangkok but, after it, it was time for us to discover the spectacular Thai seashores that stuffed our fable for years. We had doubts about selecting the bottom for our stay, but, our last possibility was to do the journey from Bangkok to Krabi, rather of Phuket

Having made the reserving of the aircraft journey to Krabi, we quick discovered that the possibility of the position to remain might nonetheless result in a brand new selection for the reason that the huge supply protected lodges in Krabi Town, Ao Nang, as nicely as Railay. So, we began to seek to get as quite a bit news as possible, we also speak to anybody who had already been there and now, after our return from Thailand, we might desire to share the news and our opinion, within the desire that we will assist you choose.

So, earlier than we talked about our choice, we desire to provide a few news concerning the three destinations referred to, specifically Krabi Town, Ao Nang and Railay which, though now not far away, supply other attractions for these who go to them.

Krabi Town

It can,t be mentioned to be in all probability essentially the foremost pretty metropolis in Thailand, but what we really sense in it's that we're now not in a location destined for tourists, so it keeps an authenticity that we recommend you to recognise and, especially, to go to its markets, in unique nightly and hung on Fridays and Saturdays.

This is the least difficult and least expensive location to get to and from the airport, and via exploring the other lodge reserving websites we discovered that the costs have been the lowest whilst in contrast to Ao Nang and Railay. It can be simpler to attain a few noted attractions, such because the Emerald Pool and Tiger Cave, however, to move to any beach, you ought to at all times move via transport, as there's now not any seashore nearby. If you desire nice accommodation, for low prices, and really sense the ambience of a Thai city, this may increasingly maybe be your place.

Ao Nang

Although now not a enormous city, it has a nice move of people, we didn’t felt surrounded via crowds. Its streets are arranged, it's a blank metropolis and, on the stage of the restaurants, it has a broad offer, as nicely as tour operators. It could be very simple to make shopping’s within the diversified road retailers which can be situated close to the sea and the important streets, as nicely as you may discover dissimilar alternatives to change money, as nicely as having a nice supply on nightlife, with quite a bit of bars and remain music.

Although Ao Nang is now not in all probability essentially the foremost pretty seashore you may see during your remain in Thailand, it's the only that provides extra gives on the stage of stay, with very less costly accommodation costs and a best worth in your money, everything being very arranged so as to without difficulty obtain the visitor.

At the tour operator level, it's the greatest position to stay, simply by means of using the fact the supply is vast and also you won't have any problem scheduling your tour for your favourite destination as properly as proudly possessing a couple of dive schools.

At the degree of well being care, there could be a nice supply that, in case you're traveling with children, it's all the time principal and also you could really sense safe. It’s also simple to get Krabi Airport from here.


In Railay, it's possible you'll certainly discover probably some of the foremost lovely seashores within the area. In fact, this peninsula is all paradisiacal and, in case you desire appropriate seashores and resorts, here is your place. It can also be very noted for being a paradise for climbers, with appropriate puts to practice, akin to its calcareous partitions that allure climbers from throughout the world. In addition, kayak excursions also are noted of their waters, anything we strongly suggest which you simply do but, all the time taking into account the climate conditions.

But, what seems to be just like the appropriate position to stay, has a few disadvantages. The first is that, simply by means of using the fact is surrounded via lovely limestone mountains, it’s in simple terms handy via boats, which leave often from Ao Nang and the port of Krabi, that could all the time prolong your arrival at your ultimate destination and, don’t function 24 hours a day.

Please observe that in case you arrive overdue at Krabi Airport, you would possibly no longer have a ship to take you to Railay. During our dwell in Ao Nang, the ultimate boat that leaves Railay was at 5:30 p.m. and on considered one of the times on account of a more advantageous storm (which happens frequently), we worry we won't be capable to return to our destination on account of the impossibility of the boat leaving the pear.

In our journey to Krabi, we arrived on the airport round 9:00 p.m., so we knew we couldn’t cross to Railay that night, so we positioned that aside. Please observe that in case you opt for to dwell in Railay, ebook a minimum of four hours earlier than your departure to cross to the airport and, within the occasion of a thunderstorm, imagine staying the ultimate evening time in Ao Nang or Krabi, to keep away from the threat of being held in Railay.

Railay has a couple of first-class lodges and restaurants but with upper costs than in Ao Nang. It also has a fair differ of tour operators that may permit you to attain the puts you desire to visit, as properly as being a appropriate vicinity for rock climbing.

Our choice

As we said, the three hypotheses have other attractions, so your option ought to all the time be linked for your personal interests. What works for a few isn't necessarily what others are watching for.

In our case, as you know, we journey as a family, so there could be all the time a option directed to what is greatest for these who journey with children, specifically we all the time have the challenge that's as secure as possible, to keep away from needless travels and, simple entry to meals and well being care.

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