desk Five days in New York - Itinerary for a family trip PART 1

Traveling to North America was at all times a dream, and the finest of all desires was to go to the Big Apple, New York. When we get the risk to do it, we reserved 6 nights to this household trip, which corresponded to 5 complete days.

New York is vast and filled with attractions, so this ride required much of planning and organization. As we journey as a family, we at all times attempt to arrange our journeys a little, so that we'll get to understand our destination to the fullest, and likewise make the ride as friendly as probably for our son.

To utilize our time, we did an exhaustive lodge seek so that we've been properly discovered and never too expensive. Of course, speaking about tremendous pricey lodge is at all times tough while it involves New York, simply due to the fact it's frequently a metropolis with excessive prices.

After vast research, we selected to live on the NH New York Jolly Madison Towers Hotel, East 38th Street, New York, NY, USA (you can see it HERE on tripadvisor page). We have been very comfortable with our choice. Although we selected a double room, the room was fairly giant and the bed huge, which allowed us a best stay.

So, we'll share our itinerary and experience, hoping it may be a assist while planning your household ride to New York.

So, for our first day, those have been our goals:

1- 5th avenue

2- Korean Town

3- New York Public Library

4- Bryant Park

5- Macy's

6- Empire State Building

7- Times Square

5th avenue
One of our aims was to stroll essentially essentially the foremost on foot. In Portugal we've no skyscrapers, and this was our risk to get misplaced within the center of New York, and that was how we spent the primary hours of the day, simply walking by means of the homes and marveling on the 5th avenue. Needless to claim we've been automatically in love with the city.
This is the finest street to store but, the costs are excessive so, we've been purely for the views, as the shops of the large manufacturers are above our "ideal" buying value. However, purely the tour is delicious and, no longer like those pricey shops, there are others which are the finest puts to hold out your small shoppings and souvenirs.

Korean Town
Close to the Empire State Building, it's in Korean Town and this was our selected destination for lunch. Everyone within the household are followers of Asian foods and this was with out a doubt one in every of the finest foods (so a lot so that we went again to Korean Town for one other meal).

An concept that we want to depart in relation to meals. When we cross to a cafe in Portugal, the charge of the dish is usually reduced, but on the charge of the similar it provides the worth of the entrees, the drink, the dessert, which finally ends up making the meal extra expensive. In this and the other foods we had in New York we discovered that no person requested us if we needed one thing extra than a dish and that there was no situation in consuming our water during the meal.

So on this way, we are able to say that on the finances level, foods in New York have been no longer very pricey and we tried to have as many gastronomic stories as we could, and we truly had vast (good) surprises.

New York Public Library
We love books and, because the beginning of our son, we've tried to deliver this style to him, so a go to to a library is all the time one thing to his liking, as properly as his parents, and here is a pretty library which you simply should do edge of any itinerary in New York, with or with out children.

From its huge entrance, blanketed via way of lions (which our son loved), everything is imposing and graceful. Then the side of the children's library did the wonders to our son, so we spent a nice side of the day on his farm.

Bryant Park
Just behind the Library, that's on 6th road among 40th and 42nd Streets, you also can additionally just discover Bryant Park. And this delightful park, surrounded via way of buildings, manages to deliver a relaxed within the midst of the bustle, which makes it proper to relaxation and watch the inhabitants of New York.

In the summer, here is one among the fave puts to play games, have espresso or simply sit at the grass, anything that we also did and it was simply great. In the summer, it’s ordinary to move unfastened films at night, verify it earlier than you travel, it might be the proper state of affairs for one evening in New York.

Next we went to go to Macy's, recognized for being the greatest shop within the world. Despite our visit, we felt that it was now not likely to get an concept of ​​the immensity of this logo, simply due to the fact it's truly colossal !! Although we don't advise a complete visit, pretty for these who journey with children, we suggest the visit.

Empire State Building

Then, because the give up of the day approached, we headed for one in every of the high-quality aims of our visit, the ascent to the Empire Estate Building. Of course across the day we may admire its facade of the flooring but, we have been eager to rise.

Luckily, whilst we got there, the queue was no longer very large, as antagonistic to the worry we had of vast queues as a consequence of the feedback we had learn at the internet. That being said, the front was quickly and the view stunning.

We cherished this view. It was the in simple terms skyscraper we climbed across our trip, simply for financial causes but we discovered it perfect.

To keep time, you possibly can buy the tickets on-line (click HERE to discover out more), that will permit you to enhance straight to the access queue. Tickets are legitimate for as much as one 12 months from the date of acquire and the constructing is open each day from 08:00 to 02:00.

In the acquire of your ticket you're entitled to an interactive multimedia tour that will permit you to recognize the historical past of the constructing higher and also you possibly can discover the other languages ​​available: English, Spanish, French, Italian, Mandarin, Portuguese, Japanese and Korean.
At the time of buying the ticket, you've NULL options, probably essentially the foremost usual, going to the 86th flooring or, extra expensive, move to the 86th and 102nd floors. In our case, we stayed for the 86th, also for monetary reasons.


86º floor:

Adult - $ 37 Child - $ 31 Senior - $ 35

86º and 102º floor:

Adult - $ 57 Child - $ 51 Senior - $ 55

(we all the time ask to verify the costs at the official sites, as they might be outdated, and also you could also get a few promotions which might be extra advantageous).


20 W 34th St, New York, NY 10001, USA

Times Square
For the relaxation of the primary day (and it was already a first-class day), we drove to Times Square, making a necessary cease to devour dinner which was a vast and delicious pizza, anything we at residence beloved and we had been no longer disappointed in any respect .

Getting to Times Square is loopy !! We had been flooded with colors, lights, sounds !!! Even a actual madness, which we all the time dreamed of living, but we didn't live lengthy as it also seems to be an extra of stimulation for our son

We nonetheless meant to walk Broadway on our first night, however it could should live for one other time, for the day was already big, and so we closed our first day in New York and went for the hotel. Just one thing, we had been in love with New York! And it was basically our first day.

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